Lemon Concentrate

400 GPL Clarified Lemon Concentrate

P/N 111604, P/N 111601

This product is made from lemon juice derived from sound fruit that has been washed and graded to remove extraneous matter and unsound fruit. All pulp, oil, and suspended matter have been removed and the juice has been concentrated by removing part of the water.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Acid (% w/v)400 grams per liter (39.5 to 40.5 percent w/v acid)
Brix, Corrected44°-58° (non-limiting)
Oil (v/v, reconstituted)None
Standard Plate Count1,000 CFU/ml, max
Yeast500 CFU/ml, max
Mold50 CFU/ml, max
Shipping Temperature Frozen: 0°F to 15°F
Storage Temperature0°F to 10°F
Shelf-Life24 months Frozen
WarrantyVentura Coastal, LLC warrants to customer that at the time of shipment to customer, the ingredients delivered will meet the specifications herein provided. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE.

Packaging & Fill Weight

Item Type Description Fill Weight
P/N 111604 Pails 5 gallon plastic pails with tamper evident lids 5 gallons
P/N 111601 Drums 55 gallon steel drums with two polyethylene liners double tied 52 gallons