What does Ventura Coastal produce?

Ventura Coastal's primary products are customized blends of orange, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine juices; pulp; oils; essences and purees.

What types of Customers does Ventura Coastal cater to?

We excel in satisfying high-volume industry giants.

Where does Ventura Coastal's fruit come from?

Our grower's meticulous cultrural practices make California citrus some of the world's finest.  Our fruit is primarily sourced from three California Growing Districts: Central Valley, Coastal, and Desert regions.

Acronyms & Definitions

COJMConcentrated Orange Juice for Manufacturing
DebitteredRemoval of bitter components from juice without changing other important components
PasteurizeHeat treatment sufficient to destroy pathogens
NFCNot from Concentrate
OrganicCertified Organic by Oregon Tilth under U.S. National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205
ClarifiedJuice has been filtered and centrifuged to reduce fine pulp content
GPLGrams Citric Acid Per Liter
FCCFood Chemical Codex
Unwashed PulpWholesome, unaltered pulp
WinterizedNatural waxes precipitate out of oil when chilled then a filter removes waxy particles
Coastal BrandCitrus oils collected from fruit grown in coastal citrus region of California
Cold PressedRecovery of essential citrus oil by centrifuge
Phase EssenceNaturally occurring citrus aroma