Lemon Pulp

Unwashed Pasteurized Lemon Pulp

P/N 114021, P/N 114024

The product is prepared by removing excess pulp from the juice of wholesome ripe fruit of the species Citrus Limon, (L.) Burm. f. (family Rutaceae). The pulp cells have not been washed in a counter-current process and are left in the carrier of primary juice, a portion of which has been removed with a drying finisher. The product has been pasteurized to deliver a 5 log reduction of the pathogen of concern.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Country of Origin Product of the United States of America
Ingredient Statement Lemon Pulp
Acidity (% w/w) 3.9% to 6.2%
Brix 7.0° to 10.0° (non-limiting)
Flavor Typical of fresh lemons, tart
Defects A minimum of visual defects consisting of peel fragments, seed particles, and clumping or shredded cells.
Standard Plate Count 10,000/g, maximum
Shipping Temperature 0°F to 20°F
Storage Temperature -10°F to 0°F
Shelf-Life 24 months
Warranty Ventura Coastal LLC warrants to customer that at the time of shipment to customer, the ingredients delivered will meet the specifications herein provided. There are not other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Packaging & Fill Weight

Item Type Description Fill Weight
P/N 114024 Pail 5 gallon food grade plastic pails 35 lbs
P/N 114021 Drums 55 gallon steel drums with two polyethylene liners double tied 375 lbs